Child and Therapist
"I can't talk to my Mum, I don't want to upset her any more than she already is."
Mia, aged 9
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The Saying Goodbye Project is currently unable to accept referrals into the service as a result of some months of uncertainty around funding for the project. We are pleased to say that a recent grant has addressed the funding gap and we hope to be able to accept referrals into the service in the coming months. Please check the website for the latest update.

The Saying Goodbye Project was launched in 2007 to support children and young people who have been bereaved of someone close to them, and who live or study in Kingston upon Thames, or have a Kingston GP.

A child who is bereaved will experience a range of emotions in the same way that an adult will: shock, denial, anger, despair and guilt. However, they are less able to understand and process these feelings, which may be overwhelming and difficult for them to express verbally. The Saying Goodbye Project was developed to offer the following specialist services:

  • One-to-one bereavement counselling and support for children and young people.

  • Information and advice for children and young people, their parents and carers.

  • Information, advice and training support for teachers, social workers, healthcare staff, and other professional and social groups who work with children and young people.

We do not charge a fee for our work with children and young people.